Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Devon with a fever

Devon has had a fever for the past day, no school today or yesterday. He had hit 102.x, he was pretty calm and sleepy last night when I got home from work. He was also realy lovey, saying "I Love You" to both Jen and I, giving us kisses multiple times.

We are going to see if he starts feeling better today.

My legs are starting to feel ok, on Tuesday they were more sore then Monday. Watch Biggest Loser 2 opener last night, I am going to attempt to watch this season without eating Ice Cream while watching.

Monday, September 12, 2005

First run in a while

I don't recall running since before june, I think near the time change even.

This past weekend was the neighborhood blockparty. John and Brain talked about running together once in a while. Last night I ran for a string 35 minutes, up to the tennis courts at the high school and back.

Still debating about getting a new TV, and if so what type. Ed’s Tv has 18 month no payments, no interest, however their prices seem to be higher.

Jen is talking about having just a few kids over for Devon’s birthday party. I never did the fence in the back yard so that is a problem.

Got to figure out what to put down in the back yard - fertilizer or grass seed, or patch master stuff plus start watering it, front too maybe.

Saw the Xmas SnowGlobe at Walmart $128, I think pretty cool, not sure if it comes with any lights?

Also need to get a tow hitch for the van. PepBoys wanted $189 plus 5 days to get it in.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Xen 2.0 Demo CD

I downloaded the Xen 2.0 Demo CD Beta 2 and tested it. Looks pretty cool, however for the GUI it needs to run on a system with 512MB RAM, only my laptop has that much. I also tried it on a Pentium II Dual CPU Dell PowerEdge server and it wouldn't run. I think the CD-Rom in the PowerEdge may have not been up to snuff.

I am trying to copy out the Xen kernel and boot files + root file systems over to my laptop's Debian install. I think it would save me some time.

I have in the past worked some with coLinux and User-Mode-Linux however never got to where I would have liked. coLinux worked great under Windows, thats a simple download and install, however I had issues each time I tried to build a custom Linux kernel which would be the host kernel for coLinux.

I would like to be able to have virtual machines under Linux for testing different items where I can easily backup machine before adding something new, and keep things seperate from each other. Nagios 2.0 is one of the applications I would like to run in a virtual Debian system.