Monday, September 12, 2005

First run in a while

I don't recall running since before june, I think near the time change even.

This past weekend was the neighborhood blockparty. John and Brain talked about running together once in a while. Last night I ran for a string 35 minutes, up to the tennis courts at the high school and back.

Still debating about getting a new TV, and if so what type. Ed’s Tv has 18 month no payments, no interest, however their prices seem to be higher.

Jen is talking about having just a few kids over for Devon’s birthday party. I never did the fence in the back yard so that is a problem.

Got to figure out what to put down in the back yard - fertilizer or grass seed, or patch master stuff plus start watering it, front too maybe.

Saw the Xmas SnowGlobe at Walmart $128, I think pretty cool, not sure if it comes with any lights?

Also need to get a tow hitch for the van. PepBoys wanted $189 plus 5 days to get it in.

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