Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exchange 2010 updating the offline address book

I have sat waiting for address book update in the past hare are the notes - It is important to get the update address book to the CAS servers before expecting to see changes in Outlook. 1. '\Default Offline Address List' | update-offlineAddressBook Open Exchange Management Console, expand Organization Configuration, select the Offline Address Book Tab, Select the Default Offline Address Book , right click select update. 2. run the following to have the CAS servers pull the update from the mailbox server Update-FileDistributionService -Identity SERVERNAME -Type OAB the CAS servers store this in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\ClientAccess\OAB. 3. In Outlook 2010 go to Send and Receive and download the Address List.

Exchange 2010 - Change Out Of Office for another user

Here is the link to the MS Blog that details how to change the Out Of Office for another user. Powershell of OWA.

Missing Out of Office menu on Blackberry 9650

I was able to restore the option for a user by deleting the Desktop CMime and DesktopSync service books from the device. Then clicking to resend the service books from the Blackberry Enterprise Console. I had read some forums that said to upgrade the Blackberry, the specific Blackberry the user was having a problem with was running the latest software from Verizon which was (Platform

Assigning a new policy to a BlackBerry User

This applies to BlackBerry Enterprise Edition 5.0.3 MR6 . Find the user, Click Policies Tab, Click Edit User, Use the drop down to select the policy, Click Save All. On the Policies tab you will see "IT policy name" and "Resolved IT policy name" Click back to the Manage User screen for the specific user. Under Device Deployment, click Resend IT policy to a device You should see near the top of the page "The IT policy has been queued to send to the device." To get more information under "Device Management" click "View Tasks" This should open a search page with the user name already filled in. Click search and you should see the most recent tasks - mien had stated Task type "IT policy" with a task of "Installing", status "Successful".

Monday, March 26, 2012

Blackberry Service Books

Found a good listing of Blackberry Service Books and what they are used for:
I recently contacted RIM when I came across the following issue:
Use Auto Signature or Out Of Office reply options on the BlackBerry smartphone are missing or non-functional(

There is incorrect data in the Desktop [CMIME] or Desktop [SYNC] service books.

The downside there is they are able to tell me a way to find users with the problem before the user uses it. And according to the tech I spoke to no way to remove the service book remotely.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Powershell ScriptCop

I am a fan of Perl Critic the perl tool which gies feedback on your Perl scripts to see if they follow standard conventions, when I read about ScriptCop for PowerShell I downloaded it and tested it out. Seems like a great start to have Perl Critic functions for PowerShell.

Downloaded and copied the files here:


Folder Tree
Folder PATH listing
Volume serial number is 803E-1130

I was then able to use Import-Module ScriptCop.
Finally I used Test-Command Scriptname.ps1 and got some feedback on my code.

I was hoping that I would be able to run a fix and get the indenting corrected, however I didn’t find that function in the existing download.

The Scripting Guy had wrote about ScriptCop, also to note I leared about ScriptCop while looking at Powershell notes on Stack OverFlow.