Thursday, May 10, 2012

Assigning a new policy to a BlackBerry User

This applies to BlackBerry Enterprise Edition 5.0.3 MR6 . Find the user, Click Policies Tab, Click Edit User, Use the drop down to select the policy, Click Save All. On the Policies tab you will see "IT policy name" and "Resolved IT policy name" Click back to the Manage User screen for the specific user. Under Device Deployment, click Resend IT policy to a device You should see near the top of the page "The IT policy has been queued to send to the device." To get more information under "Device Management" click "View Tasks" This should open a search page with the user name already filled in. Click search and you should see the most recent tasks - mien had stated Task type "IT policy" with a task of "Installing", status "Successful".

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