Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bandwidth Availability

I typed in the address of an office I am working at to see what the results were:


Carrier Distance Capability
1 3.17 miles 10 mbps - 1 gbps
2 4.16 miles 10 mbps - 1 gbps
3 4.27 miles 10 mbps - 1 gbps
4 4.49 miles 10 mbps - 1 gbps
5 5.27 miles 10 mbps - 1 gbps
6 5.49 miles 10 mbps - 1 gbps
7 7.22 miles 10 mbps - 1 gbps
8 7.94 miles 10 mbps - 1 gbps

the web page then tells you that cost vary depending if fiber is already run to the building. Also they ask for contact information if you want to go forward.

Some notes about Exchange 2007

Documenting some notes on Microsoft Exchange 2007 High Availability
1) single copy clusters (SCCs) - single data center - must meet clustering hardware specs
2) cluster continuous replication (CCR) - uses MS Clustering and File Share Witness, can be done across data centers.
3) Local Continuous Replication ( LCR ) - lets you make a copy of the Exchange Stores on separate storage (hard drives) attached to the same server.
LCR does not protect against server failure.
4) SCR (Standby Continuous Replication) - 2007 SP1 - uses SQL log shipping like CCR, however the nodes do not have to clustered.


Another page that had lots of nice diags was:

Question came up today....
Will Exchange 2010 support public folders....

here is a link that has discussion threads from MS MVP's who say....

yes! in a fashion similar to Exchange 2007 SP1.

Exchange 2007 server roles information:
# Edge Transport
# Hub Transport
# Client Access
# Mailbox - only role that can be used on SCC cluster.

Resource - Server Roles
Introduction to Exchange 2007 Server Roles

Getting Started with Exchange Server 2007: Server Roles

Other Notes:
MS Recommended DAS - direct attached storage, also stating to check with storage vendor, but RAID 10 is recommended, for performance and reliability.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Simple svn gui for Ubuntu

I looked at several pages and post to find a good answer.

My first attempt was to install Eclipse with Subclipse, the plugin had problems installing. I will re-attempt it again later. In the past I found eclipse sluggish on low memory machines, like the one I was installing it on anyway.

I saw this posting about installing scripts for nautilus in ubuntu.
my version Jaunty 9.04.


steps it outlines:
aptitude install nautilus-script-collection-svn

nautilus-script-manager enable Subversion

killall nautilus

next step is for my to switch from file urls to svn urls.