Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some notes about Exchange 2007

Documenting some notes on Microsoft Exchange 2007 High Availability
1) single copy clusters (SCCs) - single data center - must meet clustering hardware specs
2) cluster continuous replication (CCR) - uses MS Clustering and File Share Witness, can be done across data centers.
3) Local Continuous Replication ( LCR ) - lets you make a copy of the Exchange Stores on separate storage (hard drives) attached to the same server.
LCR does not protect against server failure.
4) SCR (Standby Continuous Replication) - 2007 SP1 - uses SQL log shipping like CCR, however the nodes do not have to clustered.


Another page that had lots of nice diags was:

Question came up today....
Will Exchange 2010 support public folders....

here is a link that has discussion threads from MS MVP's who say....

yes! in a fashion similar to Exchange 2007 SP1.

Exchange 2007 server roles information:
# Edge Transport
# Hub Transport
# Client Access
# Mailbox - only role that can be used on SCC cluster.

Resource - Server Roles
Introduction to Exchange 2007 Server Roles

Getting Started with Exchange Server 2007: Server Roles

Other Notes:
MS Recommended DAS - direct attached storage, also stating to check with storage vendor, but RAID 10 is recommended, for performance and reliability.

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