Wednesday, November 19, 2008

when did a Active Directory User Last Logon

first let me say I think Novel Netware user login, I think Windows users Logon.

With several DCs it used to be a bear to get the real last logon, as you would have to check the lastlogon timestamp on each DC, with Windows 2003 Native mode this has been changed.


lastLogon – old style not replicated to other DCs
lastLogonTimestamp – replicated for each user if the user’s lastlogonTimestamp is older then 14 days ( This is the one to go by for the report. )

I included a hist01.txt which has the command line used to generate the report. The adfind tool is a command line utility, already on corpadmints1.
Also found at

adfind -b "base dn"
-f filter - all user objects except disabled accounts
-csv csv export
-tdc time date change - changed ldap time date into readable format
then attributes DisplayName samaccountname lastLogon lastLogonTimestamp

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Tom Brown said...

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